Be as happy as you want to be

Its your pocket that has the key,

Abandon the worries, set your mind free

Head out on a living spree.

I have always pondered over “what it takes to be happy”

Happiness is something difficult to attain and even harder to maintain. So, let’s juggle our way out together by embracing these simple steps in our daily lives.

I am not saying that my perceptive is the real definition of happiness. However my experience will bring you many steps closer to accomplishing it.

Needless to say, it can be a bumpy start. You may hit several roadblocks but it is all the matter of perseverance and practice. After all, its not an unwinnable fight.

-Put all your fears and doubts away.

Do things that keeps you in high spirits and add to your exuberance. Anything can stimulate such feelings like going for a walk, playing with your kid or dancing to a song. This will help keeping negative vibes and emotions at bay.

-Don’t be a person who always whines, cribs and makes excuses

Doing this will weaken you and keep you jammed. All you need is to get up, take courage and responsibility to step in the direction of your dreams and passions.

Astonish yourself and those around you instead of just grumbling. Tug yourself out of the comfort zone. Happiness will itself follow.

-You can choose to be miserable or powerful.

 Don’t let yourself be engrossed with your own misery. Volunteer your way out of it.

Fixating on your sob stories would do you more harm than good.

– Develop an outlook of gratitude

It is one of the simplest ways to be satisfied in life. We very well know that the more satisfied we are with our lives, the happier it will make us.

Keep a small notebook and jot down the things you are grateful for everyday.

Cultivate readiness to show appreciation and thankfulness for even the smallest of things around us. Of course, it will require some practice initially but gradually you yourself will feel the difference.

– Set clear goals in your life

And be committed and devoted towards achieving them. Goals can be any ranging from living a healthier life, improving your personality or achieving excellence at workplace but what is needed is sheer diligence. As and when you get closer to achieving what you want, the more cheerfulness and contentment you will begin to feel around yourself.

Anything that gives you greater sense of contentment and self-realization is worth following.

-Be kind to yourself.

When you do something that pleases you and makes you proud, brood over it and applaud yourself. Recognize your achievements.

Forgive yourself if you mess up. Remember we all make mistakes.

Soothe yourself by sitting in hot water tub, watching your favorite movie with popcorn, sipping on hot cocoa or sitting back and reading a novel. It could be anything that calms you. Just indulge in it.

-Believe in yourself

Everything about you is amazing. Cuddle the things that makes you distinctive. “Just keep doing you”.

– Don’t let others mistake your niceness for weakness.

Kindness and compassion is a great virtue for everyone to possess but that does not mean you accept any mistreatment and ill behavior. If you accept any ill -treatment, your brain will not leave you alone either.

So, the best way to deal with such people is to set definite boundaries, learn from your mistakes.

  • Be polite but very firm and not warm.
  • Its high time for you to figure out who is worth your niceness and who is just taking advantage.

Exercise is one of the most reliable mood-booster.

Just a 10-minute walk will make you feel the difference in your thinking and mood. It has been proven scientifically that feel-good chemicals like endorphins are released when you exercise that reduces stress.

  • Set yourself a 1 month exercise challenge and feel the difference for yourself.
  • Have your one own happy place and go there whenever you feel low.

– Meditation

Increases the sense of wellbeing and happiness. All you need is commitment and daily practice of 15–20 minutes. The results that it gives is astounding. There is a rush of positive emotions in our body and anxiety level is reduced significantly.

Also, it can incite the creative parts of your brain and lead to better concentration and focus.

– Flush out the negative thoughts.

Don’t let yourself be in captivity of negativity by following simple steps-

  • Minimize your interactions with the people that bring you down and belittle you.
  • Surround yourself with positive people who make you smile and lift you up. Your friends should inspire you.

Happiness is way more than that just a good mood. Serenity, contentment, sense of fulfillment and righteousness is all contained in this big balloon called Happiness.

Transitory positive feelings with a profound sense of meaning and purpose in life more or less defines it. It imbibes the moments of fulfillment.

Take charge of your own well being and cheerfulness. Don’t let other people steer your emotions up and down.


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