As a mom, especially being a Stay- at- Home Mom, it is so easy to lose ourselves in raising kids and all the household chores. We readily put everyone else’s happiness before us.

Always being occupied in running errands day in, day out and yet we feel guilty and culpable.


Do you really think you should beat yourselves up?

The answer is “SIMPLY NO”

The only person making you feel guilty is you. It’s time for it to end.

Wear your title with pride and shove the guilt aside.

Nowadays, many women quit their jobs to switch to be a Stay- at- Home Mom. Out of many reasons, the primary being “the heart melt” that occurs as soon as you gaze into your baby’s eyes for the very first time. The very moment just bowls you over. You just can’t think of missing the amazing milestones. Soon, anything beyond their first steps and first smiles become pretty insignificant.

All the career and monetary worries automatically take a back seat.

But it sure is not an easy decision to make. Faced with the predicament of whether to quit the job or not, you need to make a choice apt both for you and your family.

And Finally, you decide to be a Stay- at- Home Mom and this is when life becomes a roller coaster.

An emotional roller coaster with its “Seldom High highs” and “Often Low lows” which you need to survive.

You need to work your way through the path that is packed with its own rewards and challenges.

Undoubtedly, the Stress of the countless tasks can weigh you down. The challenges in managing everything perfectly can sometimes crack you up. It can all leave you feeling so undervalued taking a toll on your mental and physical health.

Despite all these odds, practicing SELF CARE is vital because of a simple fact that “YOU DESERVE IT.”


All the moms particularly STAY-AT-HOME MOMS has daily duties of a never-ending job. Many roles to play which sometimes leaves you discouraged and that’s when you begin to doubt your self-worth. To keep these types of emotions at bay, we need to be enthusiastic about “taking care of ourselves.”

Other than that, we sometimes become short-tempered, judgemental and even anxious about those who have more authority in their lifestyles. You see these others moms who seem to have it all figured out and you begin to feel inadequate. These all negative emotions can only be fought by SELF-CARE.

Taking out some time for yourself relaxes the mind and body and gives inner happiness. You feel “SANE”. And truth be told, nothing is more important than your SANITY.

It is your attitude towards your kids that determine their behavior.REMEMBER “HAPPY MOMS RAISE HAPPY KIDS.”

Our children are observing us. By being a good mom and not taking care of ourselves, we are falling short of our aim of raising amazing kids.

Stay at home mom

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*Set aside some “MOMMY TIME” to rejuvenate yourself.

Mommy time can be anything from sipping a steaming mug of your favorite coffee or twenty minutes of uninterrupted reading time to some moments of your favorite TV show.

* Spend time with friends who stimulate positive feelings. Find some other moms you enjoy and feel good being around.

* Plan an exercise routine (At least three times a week). It might sound ridiculous but you need to find time for yourself in the little moments. As soon as you get some, lap it up. Employ the time for yourselves. Walk around the block. Anything that gets your heart pumping is worth it.

* Switching gears is as refreshing as a breath of fresh air sometimes. Swap your duties with your husband occasionally.

*Scheduling some time off for yourself does not make you a bad mom.

*Engage yourself in some non-baby thing every day. It can be reading some magazine or newspaper to keep abreast of the latest happenings and trends. That way you get a much-needed break coupled with the benefits of reconnecting yourself with the world.

* Do yourself a favor of getting ready for the day. Come out of your yoga pants and hug a nice outfit. Accessorize yourself. It will truly make you feel better.

  • SHOWERING- Take a long relaxing bath with some music on. This is therapeutic.
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*Get a massage/manicure/pedicure once in a while. Feeling beautiful does help.

* Have a good STAY AT HOME MOM Routine including the nap times and bedtime. A short snooze will suffice. Work out the time according to your baby’s schedule.

*Resist the urge to clean. Instead, embrace chaos. I know it’s difficult but TRUST ME, IT IS ENLIVENING:)

REMEMBER that taking out time for yourself does not make you selfish, that makes you SMART as you know that time taken to recharge yourself makes you A LESS STRESSED OUT PARENT. You are well rested and far more equipped to perform all the chores and duties as a mom. In short you are far more productive in whatever you do.

Our role as a mother is very important in raising our kids. We are the ones they confide in. We are the ones they run to with bruised knees or other problems they need to get fixed. We are the first person they can think of in any kind of situation. So Please don’t lose yourself. START TODAY ITSELF.

Be unapologetic and clear about the choice you have made and get yourself out of the guilt trip.

If we lose ourselves when our kids are young, what individuality will we hold when they are big enough to solve their problems.

And finally, don’t give in to the other people expectations of you. Put your sanity first and ALWAYS BE THE AMAZING MOM THAT YOU ARE.

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