Compliment someone and be a reason for the smile!

Do you want to be a reason for joy in someone’s spirit?

Do you want to try making someone’s day brighter and merrier?

Wondering how?

Well, “Compliment someone”.

A compliment is a pill that holds a deep-rooted message which says, “you are valued”.

It’s like “music to the ears”.

It’s a reassurance that “you are being treasured”. A glimmer for someone who is down in the mouth.

So, engage yourself in this positive activity starting now.

It’s an easy breezy exercise with great rewards.

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around” — Leo Buscaglia

Sing notes of praise to someone, every once in a while

Just Try being a reason for his/her smile

Let complimenting be a new trait in your style

Sure you will find your life all the way worthwhile.

Paying a compliment without offending someone is not an easy walk. However, words if placed right and said at the right time can work wonders. Of course, there are certain rules you need to comply with while extending a note of praise to someone so that it is well received.

  • For compliments to sound genuine, you need to be more observant of people. You should focus on amplifying their strengths. Lay the emphasis on the aspects of life that they control like their behavior, accomplishments and personality traits. Remember, they can go a bit askew if they are not genuine.
  • Employ the candid humor if you have it in you (your witty side). It is loved for sure by masses.
  • Keep your phone down for a moment and smile. Making an eye contact with someone and smiling is itself a way of complimenting and spreading joy. While practicing being socially congenial, smile and eye contact are definite icebreakers. A smiling eye gaze can go a long way to make an impact in someone’s life.

A few weeks back, it let an elderly woman on the road to ask for my support. She was trying to get to the other side of the road. I was delighted to be asked to help. So, this was just “a little eye contact” with a miraculous effect of making both of our days better and finer.

The takeaway-

  • The countless heart-warming smiles with a validation that kindness still is a magical trait.
  • The glow that lits up their faces makes it all worthwhile.
  • It’s so easy to get engrossed in our busy lives to even observe others around us. Give it a try by starting with intentional and deliberate benevolence and goodness. The more you go all out practicing it the more it will be reinforced as a sincere character trait. in our lives.

Now from the receiver’s perspective-

  • When you receive some notes of praise, please acknowledge it. Don’t try to nullify it or neutralize it.
  • Never throw “oh, it is nothing” or some other response negating the compliment. This retraction is the most common response of the person at the receiving end. The possible reason for this kind of response being “you are afraid of people getting a false perception of you as having a “bloated sense of self”.
  • Don’t just look away for that is an absolute way of ruling out or dismissing someone and his/her precious words. That kind of body language is certainly not appreciated. Don’t make them think that they barked up the wrong tree and your resolve and your grit is not worth much.

The “Why” Behind Your deflection –

All these reactions like looking away or not smiling is an indicator of how much value you give yourself. Your sense that you are not good enough is the main culprit.

Please, don’t do that to yourself. You are beautiful and wonderful the way you are and you undoubtedly deserve a pat on your back. So next time someone gives you a recognition for something, embrace it and do it gracefully.

Life is so full of abundance and prosperity. Be a difference maker in someone’s day. The fact that you observed them and paid heed to them will be remembered making difference in their day.

Surely you are going to attract abundance and fruitfulness in your life by this simple gesture. It’s gonna perk you up.

We would surely create a wonderful world to live in if we exercise it and practice it. So, leave your comfort zone and get ready to enliven others and yourself.

Lift others up and see yourself rising in life too.

Let’s soar together towards our dreams.

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