What’s your morning routine ?

Our mornings mark the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

When you wake up in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive. To breathe, to think, to enjoy and to love. Being an early riser doesn’t mean just about waking up before everyone else . It is about putting yourself in a positive mindset and getting important things done before everyone else. There’s no point getting up early just to zone out in front of the television for a bit before slouching off to work.

To start your day right, you have to get into some good habits.

Do you know why do. I get up early? Trust me…Just to enjoy the silence, the solitude. Since I have become a mother, silence is a luxury for me. And what better time than in the morning. I get up early to have my cup of ginger tea in my garden with nobody around. And that is my meditation ( I’m not into yoga though). Life can get crazy in the mornings with all the things which one needs to deal with. Especially if one is late in getting up. It is often hard to find a moment to spare in your busy schedule. Practicing mindfulness isn’t a waste of time. Try to reserve a few minutes for silent contemplation at the start of everyday. A glass of water followed by tea works wonders for me. You do, whatever works for you, be it is walking on the grass bare foot, smelling the roses in your garden or listening to the tweets of different birds in your surrounding.That strategic pause can put you in a great mindset for the rest of the day.

Morning is the ideal time to exercise:- Being a fitness coach and a motivator I will surely motivate you to workout in the morning . If some of the busiest people of the world can find time to workout,so can you .Barak Obama starts out each day with strength and cardio training while Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey does three

5 minutes brisk walk or jog outside.

?10 push-ups. Do half push-ups if can’t do full in the beginning.

?hold plank minimum 15 seconds to one minute.

?half squats

?full squats

?20 crunches. Divied into two sets if can’t do in one go.

?20 sit-ups. Can break into two sets.

✔✔ Stretch and breathe and say what a beautiful start of the day!

Find a way to fuel your body properly!!

Plenty can happen during your 9–5 day which can get you off track from your healthy diet. Being intentional about the first meal of the day (when willpower and motivation. is at its peak ),you are much more successful in maintaining good habits. A healthy routine leads to a healthy and focused mind.

You will have time to prepare a nutritious meal for you and your family. All you have to do is to plan a night before. Make it a combination of protein, carbohydrate and vitamins.

Take a musical bath:- yes you heard it right, musical bath. Music is not all about weekend fun, it can add colors to your life any day, anytime. So put on some nice relaxing music. Or pop or hip-hop to jump-start your day.

Do write back to me about your musical bath experience ?

Finally take a deep breath and you are all set to kick-start the day. ?

In our busy lives it is so easy to get caught up in the bustle of duties and commitments we have undertaken. Often we dont give a passing thought to the many small seemingly insignificant habits we repeat day in day out.

All of the rituals mentioned above, I have adopted into my own life and they have truely revolutionized the way I start and end each day. I have been an early bird since my childhood but you can start it anyday you want it. All you need is will power which is surely stronger than your part of the mind which conjures up excuses to sleep a wee bit longer.

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