Good posture tips and how to make it a habit.

What is posture❓

Posture is the way our muscles and Skeleton hold our body erect. In a physiological sense, good posture is the relationship among the skeleton, muscles and other tissues of the body as it is held upright against gravity.

Human body was never created for a sedentary lifestyle. It was created to move. However, despite the quest to stay fit and healthy, one critical area ignored by most individual is the good posture. A staggering 90 percent of the world population is affected by poor posture. The reason for this lies in our sedentary lifestyle.

Here I am talking about a good posture, poor posture and how to fix them.

Poor posture comes with a sedentary lifestyle.

What is a good posture ❓

Good posture is maintaining the optimal position of the bones, muscles, joints and other tissues of the body, to function as nature intended in a way that causes less stress and requires less energy.

What is poor posture ❓

When we think about poor posture, we often visualize someone slouching or hunched over. It is the result of chronic bad habits as we perform daily activities. Particularly, If we are consistently engaged in repetitive motions, or maintain a position for a prolonged period, our body begins to compensate for the activity. This throws rest of the body out of alignment.

Unfortunately, this happens to all of us ?. Our jobs require similar posture day in and day out and gradually it turns into a habit. We are no longer in ideal balance and our muscles have to work harder to even just hold us upright. We waste energy and develop musculoskeletal pain, joint restriction, and general discomfort.

Good Posture
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Good posture plays a very important role in the overall health and total efficiency of the body. Just 15 minutes of maintaining poor posture can exhaust the muscles and cause discomfort.

✔️ Ways to improve the posture:- Must include these changes in your daily routine for a good posture:-

? When sitting, make sure to sit straight. Move your shoulder back and down in the intervals.

? Must take a walk during office hours. Stretch your tight muscles in the chest, shoulders and hips. Exercise on a regular basis to build flexibility in the body.

? If you carry an office bag don’t always carry it on the same side.

? Always ensure that your ears are in the line with your shoulders. A protruding chin and rounded shoulders are signs of poor neck position.

? Ask the person sitting next to you to a keep check on your posture and you also do the same for him or her. This way you will always have someone to correct your posture and gradually it will become your habit.

? Stretch your hip flexors and hamstrings after long sitting hours.

? Strengthen your core muscles for a good posture. Holding plank is a good way to do it.

? Bend and lift. Always bend your knees when lifting something from the ground or floor.

? If carrying heavy, choose cross-body bags to distribute weight more evenly.

? High heels throw you forward and put a strain on the lower back. Wear them very often or not at all.

? One can prevent the impact of prolonged sitting with the standing desks. It will allow you to work in the standing position.

A typical office job requires us to sit for long hours. We can’t avoid our duties, but we can transform our mode of working for a better health. It will take some time and effort but will be worth it. A good posture and stance reflect a proper state of mind. Good posture is important. Look less like a semicolon; and more like an exclamation mark!

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